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Bring your jewelry in for repairs!

If you have broken or damaged jewelry, let Carleo Creations Inc repair it quickly! From delicate heirlooms to fine jewelry, our experienced expert jeweler can repair the pieces to their original condition with flawless precision!

Schedule professional repairs:

  • Chains, clasps, and prongs

  • Shank replacements

  • Stone replacements

Carleo Creations Inc has been voted Best Jewelry Store in Pueblo!

Come in for the best jewelry repair services in the area.


Get your ring resized quickly!

After getting a brand new engagement ring or wedding band, the last thing you want to do is wait for it to be resized. Our skilled jeweler work quickly to get the ring to the right size and back on your finger!

Repair your broken jewelry and enjoy wearing it again.

  • Watch band replacements

  • Watch band adjustments

  • Battery replacements

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